Lowering Your Food Costs by Utilizing a Recipe Management System

According to research by Bloomberg Businessweek, about 60% of restaurants fail. Whether the business falls into the category of a restaurant chain, independent restaurant, hotel restaurant, golf club, resort, entertainment and sports venue, recipe creation through manufacturing plant, healthcare facility dining or any other F&B related venue, the goal is always to keep costs down and profits up.

handwritten recipeWhen Chefs or General Managers take an in depth look into their kitchens, they often utilize thousands of inventoried ingredients and find inconsistent recipes with varying food costs and margins. BirchStreet Recipe Management System (RMS) cloud-based solution can help streamline your operations by managing costs and ingredients to ultimately reduce costs and increase efficiency.

BirchStreet creates brand consistency by leveraging its online ingredient library, which links to supplier catalogs for real-time food costs for accurate recipe costing. The functionality allows for recipe creation, what if analysis, nutrition calculation, allergen and intolerance reporting, and the ability to publish and share recipes across locations.

Recipe scaling provides accurate numbers for larger or smaller groups with dish and menu set up. Images and videos can even be incorporated. Once a recipe is built, it can connect directly to requisition and inventory. Recipe pads using tablets or PCs further enhance efficiency, ease of use and space. Controlling costs with POS integration and production reporting can help drive higher margins and bottom lines numbers.

Can your F&B operation benefit by improving and automating your business processes? Click here for more information or to schedule a Recipe Management System demo.

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