BirchStreet Blog: The P2P Implementation Process

As companies explore different procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions, understanding the implementation process is crucial to a successful integration and final outcome. Many companies ask the same question – “…ok, now that I’ve signed the contract, what happens now?” Selecting the right software is a major decision for businesses, and the success of that decision depends, to a large degree, on the next steps and a successful implementation.

puzzle implementationAt BirchStreet, we’ve done it before. Precisely, that means we have experience. With over 5,000 properties and 70,000 users, and have found solutions for every type of company – even if it meant developing a new configuration option or feature. In fact, that is what makes this business so exciting – “innovation by collaboration.”

Jim O’Quinn, Vice President of Client Services at BirchStreet helped to explain the steps within the implementation process. “First, we examine the current state of the business and procurement processes and compare that to what the future state should be. In this first step, we seek to guide the customer by evaluating the entire business and what makes sense with existing processes. Change management, recommendations, setting expectations and education are all addressed,” explains Jim.

Next, based on the discovery state, a timeline is established, responsibilities are assigned, and processes are reviewed and examined. Development of a customer’s marketplace begins, quality assurance and testing is completed and deployment is activated. Go live! Typically, this process takes 90-120 days.

“What’s important to remember is that BirchStreet seeks to understand, recommend and educate clients on how to improve their business,” emphasizes Jim. The ability to develop, configure and enhance a customer’s business is part of our value proposition and is at the core of our P2P solution.

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