Supplier Corner: Buedel Fine Meats and Provisions Goes Online With BirchStreet

Buedel Fine Meats and ProvisionsRecently, we spoke with John Cecala, executive vice president and partner at Buedel Fine Meats and Provisions.  Established in 1907, the Chicago-based meat packing company provides quality USDA meats to premiere restaurants, hotels and private clubs.  A national distributor, Buedel has been receiving electronic orders from BirchStreet customers for over four years.  Buedel recently elected to become an adopted supplier on BirchStreet and so they now maintain their catalog online in the BirchStreet platform.  Adopted suppliers have a login to the supplier facing part of BirchStreet’s platform (the Supplier Portal), allowing them to maintain online pricing and item information and receive electronic orders.

Buedel loaded some 41,000+ items into their BirchStreet catalog.   Their prices fluctuate with market conditions and therefore typically change weekly, so they opted to implement an automated interface that will transmit updated price and product information from their back-office system into BirchStreet weekly.

“Buedel is a customer-service oriented company,” said Cecala.  “Becoming an adopted supplier was important to our customers.”  According to Cecala, the BirchStreet purchase order and online catalog ensures the accurate fulfillment of orders every time.

Buedel is one of 160,000 suppliers worldwide on BirchStreet.

For more information on supplier adoption, click here.
For more information on Buedel Foods, click here.

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