The Procaccianti Group Runs BirchStreet/HSM Solution

The Procaccianti Group (TPG) uses BirchStreet’s e-Procurement system at its 64 privately owned and operated hotel properties.  TPG comes to BirchStreet through Hilton Supply Management (HSM), one of our reseller’s partners. 

HSM’s primary role is to leverage Hilton’s vast buying power to negotiate favorable pricing for the Hilton branded properties around the world.  In this capacity HSM is a BirchStreet customer.  However, you may not know that HSM also offers its purchasing programs to select third-party hotel and restaurant organizations, making it a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).  As a GPO, Hilton Supply Management is also a BirchStreet reseller.  The reseller agreement we have in place allows HSM to offer a complete end-to-end solution (Hilton’s purchasing programs with BirchStreet’s e-Procurement software) to third-party organizations. 

The Procaccianti Group is one of several organizations taking advantage of this end-to-end solution.  HSM purchasing programs and BirchStreet software are used at all 64 TPG properties, including several Sheraton, Westin, Hyatt and Holiday Inn properties.   In addition, TPG uses BirchStreet’s Workflow Engine to route Purchase Orders for approval and our Declining Checkbook feature to track operating budgets.

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