New Release of Inventory Control Application

BirchStreet first offered the Inventory Control Application in 2005 and like all our applications, it’s enhanced and improved constantly through internal design and customer feedback. However, we decided to make major improvements to both our Inventory and Recipe applications earlier this year. The first to come out of the hopper is Inventory, which was just officially released today. Click here for the product announcement, and here for the Inventory page on our website.

The new release includes an improved, yet more powerful user interface, and more requisitioning, transfer and fulfillment (or issuing) options. Easier integration with bar code scanners and a set of tools and services we call FIT for “Fast Implementation Tools.”

One of the slickest FIT tools is the data loader. It can read data out of many legacy inventory systems and take it straight into BirchStreet. We can also clean up your data in the process. Some customers have thousands of old items they want removed before they go to a new system. This process makes that easy. We can give you a list of your items, you mark which ones you want removed, and we clear those out and upload the rest. We can also renumber your items or keep your existing item numbering sequence. We can add, change or remove inventory locations, suppliers, etc. The tool allows us to take control of the data so you can start out with good clean organized data in the Inventory system.

There are a number of customers implementing the new version already.  If you’re using our original Inventory Control Application there’s no additional fee to use the new version.  Contact us here if you would like to see a demo of our new Inventory Control Application.

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